Saturday, June 7, 2014

June 7 -- Lesson Learned

To all,

Good evening,

I have finished my 3rd week in a row of chemo and now I have a week off.

I hope to be able to conserve my energy this week to attend Rabbi Bulka's Tribute Dinner on June 11th and to participate in the ORCF's Ultimate Run for Men's Cancers on June 15th.

I will have to be realistic of what I am capable of doing. As the She-Devil said to me a 2km walk for me is a 42km walk for her. This gave me a good perspective.
I will start with the whole Family including my Mother and we will see how it goes. I am okay to be a cheerleader.

Recent lesson learned.

Friday night I took a bath at 10:00pm and then had a great sleep, probably my best in a very long time.
Wow, at 57 years old, I finally figured out how to have a good night's sleep. Hopefully it will continue to work each night.

Being a simple engineer, I like simple game shows. My favourite is Family Feud.
Contestants are asked questions and they try to respond with one of the top 4-7 answers which are asked of 100 people.

Recently, a question was "We surveyed 100 married women and asked them, where do you see naked men?" Well Liz can now answer, "In my bath tub."

As always Liz has been so helpful and understanding with me. I could not take my baths without her assistance. I am so thankful and blessed.

Just want to follow up on my last week's request to support the Ultimate Run for Men's Cancers on Father's Day.

Last year I raised just over $40,000 and had 72 donors.
I do not aspire to match what I raised last year, but I would like to exceed the number of donors, hopefully to over 100. Presently I have 45 sponsors.

This will show to the ORCF how supportive our community is for the remarkable services that they provide to assist those battling cancer.

I thank those who have already contributed.

Below is the link to donate and the opportunity to sponsor me.

Your participation is what is meaningful to me, not the amount contributed.

Many thanks in advance.

Be healthy, be happy and appreciate what you have.

Lots of love,


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June 4th -- ORCF Ultimate Run for Men's Cancers

To all,

Good morning.

Yesterday I had my third of 3 weeks in a row of chemo treatments.
Next week is my off week so my next chemo treatment is not until June 17th.

The chemo treatments have zapped the energy out of me so I do look forward to my off week.

I have 2 events next week that I hope to have the energy to participate in.

June 11th is the Rabbi Bulka Tribute Dinner. A night to celebrate the remarkable contributions that Rabbi Bulka has made to make our community  a better place to live in.

The second is the ORCF's Father Day's Ultimate Run for Men's Cancers. 

I will be hopefully walking the 2 km Walk for Greggybear with my Family as part of the Greggybear Team.

Greg Hebert was an unbelievable Champion.

I learned alot from Greg Hebert of what it takes to be a true Champion.
I aspire to earn the respect of a Champion that Greg Hebert has.

Greg Hebert is missed but he will never be forgotten.

I thank you all for being on my Championship Team.
Your participation is inspirational to me.

I know everyone is approached many times for fundraisers. 

This will be my second and last approach for the year. The other fundraiser I do is for Alzheimer's Walk for Memories in memory of our late Father Zeev Vered.

Below is the link to donate and the opportunity to sponsor me for the ORCF Ultimate Run for Men's Cancers.

A contribution is appreciated but just your participation is more appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

Be healthy, be happy and appreciate what you have.

Lots of love,


Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 29 -- Sacrifices for Love

To all,

Good afternoon.

I hope all is well with everyone and maybe some how you are enjoying the

It has been awhile since my last update so here I go.

Liz and I spent a week in Naples with 2 of our very best friends
travelling south on May 10th.

It was great to get away during my week off of chemo and be able to sit
out in the sun and enjoy warm weather. We enjoyed some lunches, some
dinners, some movies and lots of shopping.

I did not participate in all of the activities as there were days I was
quite tired but enjoyed relaxing by the pool.

During the last 2 days in Naples I was in extreme pain and it continued
during our travel day home and the following 2 days at home. I was taking
painkillers all the time. This was very scary to me as I had not
experienced this before. I have had a few down moments during the last 15
months and this was one of my deepest.

With discussions with Liz and Rabbi Bulka, I got through it, so all is

During the week we were away, the ORCF had their Breakfast of Champions.
I am thankful to the ORCF for allowing me to tell my story which was the
closing video. Our daughter Jordana spoke on my behalf and I heard she
done good.

Being home for the last 2 weeks, I have had 2 chemo treatments. I am
learning how to deal with the new regime, 3 weeks of chemo and 1 week
off. I have chemo again next week. It is really knocking me out but maybe
that is good as I guess it is working. I need to conserve my energy so I
am limiting my outings including lunches that I used to have with Family
and Friends.

I am doing my work but at various times during both the day and night. I
have realized I need to limit my volunteer work at this time.

I am looking forward to June 11th to celebrate the many accomplishments
of Rabbi Bulka. It will be a wonderful and meaningful evening. Our
daughter Jordana and our shul President Jonah have worked very hard to
achieve a remarkable successful event.

For me, I am thankful to God for my last 15 months of learning to realize
what is truly important in life, many things I did not realize before I
got sick.

When one gets married it is because you have fallen in love. But what is
love all about. There are expressions of love, there are acts of love and
there are gifts of love. All our very important for a meaningful marriage.

What I have come to realize is the significance of the sacrifices for

Liz has gone through so much helping me through this experience it is
truly unbelievable. The sacrifices she has made to keep me happy and to
console me during my down times is remarkable. I am so thankful for all
that she does for me especially at times when I seem to be unappreciative.

I have the best wife in the world. I love her dearly. I am a very lucky

I hope others have the same claim about their spouses as I do.  If so
there is a lot of love going around.

I am striving to be healthy and happy. I am keeping my 2 times per week
sessions with the She-Devil.

Most importantly I am truly cherishing what I have, a loving Wife and

Wishing you all the very best.

Be healthy, be happy and cherish what you have.

Lots of love,


Friday, May 16, 2014

May 16

To all,

Our week in Florida is coming to an end. We leave tomorrow afternoon.

I have had my good days and my not so good days.
Enjoying the sun and warm weather each day was though so worthwhile.

I start back to 3 weeks of chemo next Tuesday.

Yesterday the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation had their Cancer Champion Breakfast.
I participated in a video that was shown at the end. Below is the link to the video.

When the video was over, Jordi said a few words on my behalf. What I am hearing is Jordi was the hit of the breakfast. She done good.

So off to rest a bit and enjoy some warm weather.

All the very best.

Be healthy, be happy and cherish what you have.

Have an enjoyable long weekend,

Love you,


Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 27 -- Update and A Simple Lesson Learned

To all,

Good Morning.

On Tuesday April 22nd I started my second series of my new regimen of new
chemo of 3 weeks of chemo on and then 1 week off. The day at the Irving
Greenberg Family Cancer Centre went well.

I had blood tests the day before and my results were much improved. my
potassium, my magnesium, my haemoglobin all improved. So my body was
getting back to  full battle mode.

The hydration pump worked but I doubt I will do that again and the 2
blood transfusions helped immensely.

I slept through the complete chemo treatment as I was very tired. I had a
bad night before.
I was in real pain through out the evening. I initially considered taking
a pain killer, but then remembered pain killers cause constipation so I
did not take one.

The evening went on with me crying in pain and being very depressed.

Liz came into see me and I told her how bad I felt. Her simple reaction
was "Why don't you take a painkiller?".

Boy did I feel dumb. Why worry about possible constipation when the the
issue at hand was dealing with my severe pain. I had the answer within me
to solve my pain, but rather  concentrating on solving the problem, I was
wasting time complaining about the problem.

So I remembered lesson #1, listen to your wife and I took the painkiller.
I felt better the rest of the night and did not have constipation.

Simple lesson, spend your time solving your problem rather than wasting
time complaining about it. Me,  the dumb 57 year old engineer learnt
another simple lesson.

This week I had 2 sessions with the She-Devil. She is working me hard and
I have my best shlufs after the workouts.

I attended Herb Gray's funeral on Friday. The ceremony was well planned
and very meaningful. The stories of Herb Gray made me very proud to be

My energy level is up and down during the week depending on what I do
during the day and the quality of sleep the night before.

I am set for my next round of chemo on April 29th and am really looking
forward to the one week off of chemo as we will be in Florida for a week
of relaxation from May 10th to 17th.

Hopefully spring is truly here and the new warm weather can be enjoyed.

Wishing everyone all the very best,

Be healthy, be happy and cherish what you have.

Lots of love,


Friday, April 18, 2014

April 18 -- Goals in Life

To all,

Good morning.

Happy Passover and Happy Easter.

A wonderful time of the year to enjoy family and friends.

Since my chemo on April 8th alot has transpired. Due to my blood results
on April 7th I needed to be hydrated and have a blood transfusion.

I received a 24 hydration pump on April 10th. What a pain to shlep around
and it beeped each time it pump the fluids. Not very conducive for sleeping.

I had the pump on for 2 days and had it removed on April 12th.The problem
is I had one of my worst sleeps ever that night. Between going to the
bathroom every 11/2 hours and the beeping, I did not get much sleep.

I was so tired on April 12th that I slept on the way from home to
Carleton University to go to the Ontario Medal for Citizenship ceremony.

Liz and I arrived early to have a private conversation with Lt. Governor
Onley. It was such a wonderful and warm experience that I seemed to get
my energy back. Liz and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Lt. Governor
Onley mentioned that the best part of his job was the opportunity to meet
so many nice people. What is amazing is he is a regular guy that does
remarkable things.

The ceremony was a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to
celebrate. Many, many thanks to those who attended.

Lt. Governor Onley spoke so well, it brought tears to my eyes. Minister
Chiarelli made the official presentation on behalf of the Government of

Many, many thanks to Mayor Watson, Roseann Runte and Shannon Gorman for
their so meaningful words. Their thoughts were greatly appreciated.

Then the Passover Seders. We were at my Mother's the first night and at
home the second night. Two wonderful experiences in different ways.

My Mother's was with our family and my 2 brothers' families. The food was
great and the opportunity to celebrate Passover together was very
meaningful to all.

At home, Liz had 65 people. For me it was tough to maintain decorum
during the reading of the Haggadah  but I believed I succeeded.

The highlights of the Seder were listening to Daniel and Kierra recite
the 4 questions in Hebrew and Daxton reading his assigned portion of the
Haggadah. The 2 grandmothers were very proud of their grandchildren's

The food was fantastic and plentiful.

No one left hungry at all and some left with doggy bags. It was a
remarkable group effort led by Liz.

Many,many thanks to Liz's siblings and cousins who made the drive in from
Montreal and Toronto to be with us.

Yesterday I had my blood transfusion. Hopefully I will have the added
energy I need by tomorrow.

I have realized that one has to set goals in life to be satisfied with
one's life.

My goals, from what I have learnt the last 12 months as I do my battle
with cancer is to be happy, enjoy life and enjoy life with family and
friends. Pretty simple. Everything else will fall into place.

I am starting next week, 3 weeks of chemo and then 1 week off. During our
week off Liz and I will go to Florida with 2 of our best friends. It will
be such an enjoyable time to relax in the sun.

In August we are doing another family cruise and then a week in Israel to
visit our Israeli family.

Two wonderful opportunities to enjoy family and friends.

Also, I had 4 sessions during the last 2 weeks with the She-Devil. I look
forward to seeing her and enjoy the opportunity to exercise. Boy have I

So plain and simple goals, be happy, enjoy life and enjoy life with
family and friends.

Have a happy remainder of Passover and a Happy Easter.

With much love,


Thursday, April 10, 2014

March 10 -- Memories

To all,

Good evening.

I am doing okay.

On Tuesday, I completed the third round of my new 3 week on chemo treatment

Next week I do not have a treatment as it is my scheduled week off.

I will be enjoying Passover with Family and Friends. Our 1st Seder is at
my Mother's and our 2nd Seder is at Liz'.

Liz hopes to have over 60 people for the second Seder. Liz has been doing
a lot of cooking lately. We shall have a happy and meaningful Seder.

My potassium is low, but has risen.I am taking potassium pills, but stupid
me, on Tuesday I realized it was 2 pills twice a day. I was doing 1 pill
twice a day. The dumb engineer in me.

I have recently had low blood pressure readings so I am to have a blood
transfusion on April 17th.

I appeared a bit dehydrated so I will be getting a 24 hour pump for
at least 3 days and it may be for 7 days. The hydration pump started today.

I am happy that solutions are being made for my issues. This provides
extreme confidence in my Championship Team.

Having more energy will be so great for me.

Last week would have been My Father's 88th birthday. Together with my
Mother, Liz, 4 kids and a boyfriend we visited the cemetery last Sunday

My Father suffered dementia/Alzheimer during his last years. This was
tough for all of our Family and for his Friends.

It is not an easy disease to deal with as my Father was definitely a
different man, but he always had the same heart.

I spent more quality time with him in his last few years as he was always
so busy when he was healthy.

While at the cemetery, it brought back such wonderful thoughts and

My Parents immigrated to Canada after the Israeli War of Independence. My
Father was the first Israeli in the McGill Engineering program. He
actually entered 2nd year engineering with a grade 10 education.

My parents moved to Ottawa to start up a business. I have met people who
knew my Dad when all he owned was a wheel barrow.

Together with my Mother, my Dad developed very successful and respected

I am so proud of my Parents for the remarkable achievements. As Israeli
immigrants, they have received each the Order of Canada, one of the
highest recognitions the Government of Canada gives out.

With all of my Parents' successes my Father always stress the importance
of giving back to the community to help make it a better community to live
He felt that the Ottawa community gave our Family the opportunity to
prosper so it is only right to help the Ottawa community to prosper and to
help improve the many institutions in our city.

I am so thankful to my Parents for what they have provided for my Family.
This includes their wisdom, their morals and their leadership qualities.

Liz and I hope we can pass on these meaningful traits to our children.

Good memories are wonderful to have to maintain a positive attitude and I
have great memories of my late Father and my Mother.

Wishing you all health, happiness and cherish what you have.

All the very best,

Love you all,